Top 5 Ambient Entertainment Ideas

Top 5 Ambient Entertainment Ideas

Entertainment ideas are a dime a dozen, but most are the same ones that have been in use since time immemorial. If you are looking for a different form of entertainment for your corporate event, ambient entertainment ideas might be your best bet! Few event organizers think of something as innovative as ambient entertainment, and thus, is sure to dazzle the attendees.

Read on to find out what we mean by ambient entertainment!



You don’t want your run-of-the-mill entertainment for a high-powered corporate event; how about an artistic form of entertainment that screams class! Contortion acts are one such form of ambient entertainment we offer. Have our golden performer present herself and enthrall the audience with artistic contortion acts!


Hand Balance

How about a solo balancing act by a beautiful performer as corporate entertainment? Such ideas are quite uncommon and thus offer the attendees something new when it comes to corporate entertainment. Our acrobats and performers specialize in hand balancing acts on a cane, with the final result being a piece of art!



Ambient entertainment is ideal to light up the overall mood of the event; what better way to go on about this than by arranging dancers to enchant the event by way of innovative acts. We offer a bevy of unique acts that are sure to keep the audience spellbound! From butterfly dancers showing off rare butterfly patters, to stunning dancers in bird cages reminiscent of a burlesque circus, we have it all. Give your attendees an experience that they are not likely to forget any time soon!



What comes to mind when you think of stilts? Probably a stilt wearing clown trying to make people laugh! We have taken stilt-walkers to the next level, offering the services of a troupe performing as sea walkers, marine fairies coming out of the sea! When it comes to corporate entertainment, the ideas need to incorporate class and elegance, which is precisely what our sea fairy troupe brings. If that seems a bit too much, you could always go a champagne waitress presenting drinks in a unique way.


Living Things

While the conventional statues have a particular charm of their own, why not spice things up by bringing in living statues? By this, we mean highly trained professionals dressed immaculately and posing as statues for event entertainment. A wide range of characters can be depicted, with immense attention to detail for a perfect display. You could even for a living fountain, with actual water springing out!