Planning a Perfect Winter Wedding

Planning a Perfect Winter Wedding

Winter weddings can be incredibly stylish and very romantic. Winter weddings are really growing in popularity, as more couples choose to avoid the notorious unpredictable British summer and do something a bit different for their happy occasion.  Those planning a winter wedding are in luck.


Winter Cocktails

Including a signature drink in your reception will make it unique and memorable. You can surprise your guests and keep them warm and fuzzy at the same time.


Post Ceremony Entertainment

Selecting the type of music you are going to use is very important for creating the perfect wedding ambiance. But bear in mind that while using a classic string quartet would be perfect for a stately home, it would look out of place if the wedding was taking place in a modern hotel. While choosing the post entertainment for your wedding reception, there are quite a few options which comes to mind, such as, using a harpist, pianist, small jazz band or a string quartet. An of these will liven up the atmosphere of your winter wedding as long as you’ve chosen the live entertainers wisely. Most musicians will not offer to play for hours on end, so it is best to hire two musical acts for your wedding reception.


Another important thing to keep in mind is that the musical acts that you choose should be light enough to appeal to a varied group of people. It should not be too loud, nor too soft but just right for the guests to have a conversation and enjoy great music also.


Hire a Caricaturist

Hiring a caricaturist is always a fun option because it provides your guests with small keepsakes which they can then take home. Apart from that, guests can take a look of what they would look like as a cartoon which is always fun and can only be illustrated by talented and creative caricaturists.



Magicians perform a kind of magical known as, “close-up” or “walk-around” magic. This makes it the perfect choice for entertaining the audience and keeping them engaged throughout the wedding reception. Magicians move from table to table while providing light entertainment for all the guests. But beware, or our experienced magicians will steal the show from the bride and groom. Magic shows are also perfect for rehearsal dinners as well.


Ending Note

Let’s face it, weddings are all about the guests and by hiring the entertainment services of talent Productions, you can make your big night an unforgettable one for your guests. So, if you want your guests to rave about your big day long after it’s over, arm it with the best party entertainment options available on the internet.