Marketing Magic through the Ages

Marketing Magic through the Ages

A few decades ago, one of the prerequisites of being a successful magician was to have a the best sales and marketing team along with having a kick-ass promotional plan for each event. Today, however, the internet has opened out a giant window which up and coming magicians and artists from all walks of life can use to promote themselves without having to cost them an arm and a leg.


For those magicians who are looking to promote themselves, make no mistake, a bulk of your promotions will be carried out online, which will obviously involve using the internet. So, if you’re not a member of some of the famous social media outlets, such as, Facebook or Twitter, then join them now.


Magicians can advertise themselves on social media outlets, such as, Facebook by making their own band page and having fans join their page as “Facebook fans.” By creating an online presence that connects millions of active Facebook users, one can be a part of a growing online community that will work in conjunction with your marketing campaign. This will provide you with a free opportunity to post your videos, pictures and updates on performances so that your audience will know what you’ve been up to.



Paid Advertising

Needless to say, the basic piece of your marketing strategy will be your ad in the online yellow pages. This usually comes in two different listings that are for free. The first or main listing will be under the heading of ‘Entertainment’ and your second listing will be under the heading ‘Magicians for hire’. Using online business directories is a great way of helping Google find your website and provide backlinks that will drive traffic towards your website.


Public Appearances

In every show, magicians should not forget to mention their name, contact details and their website address, as often as it is tolerable. Remember not to overdo it. Instead of using an in-your-face strategy of getting the word out there, just hand out your business card after the magic show has ended instead. Again, only to those folks who are interested, you don’t want to be shoving visiting cards down people’s throats. Another great way of getting noticed is by doing magical shows for seniors, apart from the usual wedding and birthday party act.


You can also offer to be a part of their honorarium, but never offer to do any shows for free unless you have a good reason to do so. Speaking of word of mouth, never underestimate its power. It is important to remember that opinions travel at an exponential rate, so the more people know about you, it will help your reputation and spread the word of your services.


Reflect Quality in Your Magic

Houdini is a name that is synonymous with the word magic. And even though there was no internet back then, he probably had the best marketing campaign of his time, and that was a way of capturing the imagination of his audience. Whether it was escaping from a box that was plunged into the river, or holding his breath for an unfathomable time, Houdini made it work, and so can you by using magical acts that defy the boundaries of reality.